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Exhibition Hall

Want to know more, and leisurely?

The exhibits in the hall comprise models pertaining to astronomy. The nature of the exhibits suitably changes as per the requirement of the theme of the show. Currently we have models of telescopes, astronomical instruments used in the pre-telescopic era and a working spectroscope on display. Some more will be added in due course. The hugely popular weighing machine that shows your weight on various planets and the moon retains its place in the hall!

A work of art by Mr Ramamurthy, displays the sun and its retinue of planets suspended from the ceiling. Each planet is created with great care, using different metals to get the natural colour.

On several occasions 1-minute capsules are screened to educate lay persons about eclipses, meteor showers and opposition and conjunctions of planets.

The Hall has a weighing machine that shows the possible weight of a person on various planets and our Moon. A digital display on an artistically produced poster of the solar system displays the weight. A colourful print out of this along with interesting astronomy facts can be obtained on a token fee.