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Bangalore Association for Science Education (BASE) Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium Sri T Chowdiah Road, High Grounds Bangalore - 560 001


Please fill in the following details about yourself and answer the questionnaire. This will help us in improving our activities (Please write in brief or tick mark your answer)

1) Name
2) Address
3) Contact No.
4) Email
How do you come to know about the activities at J N Planetarium
Are you
Your Educational Qualification
8) Profession
9) Are you a resident of Bangalore?  Yes  No
10) Is this your first visit to this Planetarium?  Yes  No
11) If not, then how many times you have visited the Planetarium earlier times
12) The purpose of your visit to the Planetarium
13) The present entry fee is
14) How much time did you spend in the Planetarium campus?
15) Who accompanied you while visiting the Planetarium?
16) Would you recommend your friends/family members to visit the Planetarium?  Yes  No
17) Mention your degree of satisfaction about the facilities of the Planetarium. 'A' for higher and 'E' for least
General Amenities
b) Parking
c) Drinking Water
d) Toilets
e) Placing of Sign Boards
How helpful were the staff?
Is seating comfortable?
Did you get complete and clear information for your enquiries?
k) Dust Bins no. and placing

Sky-theatre shows: The shows are audio-visual presentations on astronomical and other scientific topics. We have programmes at a popular level and also the syllabus-based ones for students.

Have you seen our shows?
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b) Did you find the programme difficult to understand
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c) Show timings are convenient
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Title of the shows seen

e) How do you rate these show?
f) Exhibition of Posters in the Hall


19) Suggestions and comments on the content of show and exhibition
20) Monthly programmes entitled 'Know Your Stars' is held on the first Sunday of the  month.  It is primarily meant to introduce the general public to the night sky viewing and provide the visitors with tips to observe celestial objects / phenomena during the month.  Science Films are screened once a month on 3rd Sunday.
Have you attended these
"Know Your Stars" (I Sunday)  Yes  No
If yes, your rating
"Science Movie" (III Sunday)  Yes  No
If yes, your rating
21) Science Park : The planetarium has several interactive outdoor exhibits that teach simple scientific principles while students play with them.
a) Are the exhibits interesting?  Yes  No
b) Are the accompanying write-ups helpful?  Yes  No
c) Suggestions/comments to make the science park more interesting and instructional:
22) Whether Sign Boards are in place?  Yes  No
23) General comments/suggestions for the Planetarium (if any)
24) How often would you like to visit the Planetarium?
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