Probability - workshop for teachers held on 5th Aug 2016

Behaviour of Gases - workshop for science teachers held on 4th Aug 2016.

Misconceptions and Common Textbook Errors in Physics - workshop for teachers held on 20th July 2016

Workshop on "Misconceptions & Common Textbook Errors in Physics" for teachers held on 11th & 12th July 2016.

Teachers' Meeting held on 25.06.2016

A Press Meet on LIGO held on 26.02.2016.

Sky Watch program for public is arranged at the planetarium on 6th February from 4.30 am till sunrise. Entry is Free.

A special Sky Watch programme for public held on 7th January 2016 from 4.30 am till Sunrise

Science in Action - exhibition inaugurated by Prof. M R N Murthy, MBU, IISc. Blore on 27.11.2015

Nobel Prize for Neutrino Oscillations

A special lecture by Prof. S. Lokanathan, Formerly Professor of Physics at University of Rajastan, Jaipur, was held on 8.11.2015.

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