Universe & Us

A special lecture by Prof. Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Vainu Bappu Professor, IIA and University of Oxford on 11.01.2014


A special lecture for college students by Prof. H. C. Verma on 29.12.2013


A special lecture for high school students by Dr. Margaret Biswas on 29.12.2013

Introduction to Night Sky

A three-day astronomy workshop for public - 6th to 8th December 2013

Science in Action - A Science Exhibition

Science Exhibition inaugurated by Prof. Jayant Murthy, Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, on November 29, 2013

Three day workshop on FUN WITH SCIENCE - October 2013

Special Lecture Series on ATOMS during September - October 2013

Teachers' Day Celebrations on September 6, 2013

New Planetarium Program

A new planetarium show entitled "Our Solar System" has been inaugurated by Dr. K Radhakrishnan, Chairman/ISRO & Secretary, Department of Space, on 8th July 2013 (Monday) at 5:00 pm. Prof. U R Rao, Chairman, BASE presided over the function. The new programme is open to the public from 10.07.2013.

Science as Deviation, Science as Exhilaration, and a Bit of Poetry Too

A Special lecture titled "Science as Deviation, Science as Exhilaration, and a Bit of Poetry Too" held on 20th April, 2013 (Saturday) at 4.30 pm by Dr. Ranadhir Mitra, currently a Scholar-In-Residence at IIT Gandhinagar.

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