Workshop for small kids April 2009

Universe in the class room

Workshop was held during 1-3 April 2009 for school children

Summer Activities - 2008

"Know Your Stars" is held every month on the first Sunday;

A special session was held on 7th March Saturday and it attracted about 40 people.

Special session on Amateur astronomy and Pro-Am collaboration

The session was held on the 17th February in collaboration with the Astronomical Society of India. The lectures covered various aspects of amateur astronomy and possible collaboration. It was attended by over 100 particiapnts from all over India and offered scope for plenty of discussions and interactions. The astrophotoes by amteurs were displayed.

Science in Action

Exhibition of models pertaining to astronomy were displayed during 23-25 Jan 2009. More than 70 schools with about 200 students each visited and wondered at the marvel of astronomy.

The new Full Dome Planetarium program entitled "Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose", sponsored by Infosys Foundation, Bangalore,

Depicting the life and works of Sir J C Bose was inaugurated by Prof K Kasturirangan on 19th November 2008. This marks the commemoration of the 150th birth anniversary. The new projectors sponsored by Infosys Foundation also were inaugurated on this occasion.

Science in Action

An exhibition of experiments by school children was organised from 29th to 31st August 2008. Over 40 experiments were demonstrated by students from about 26 schools. There was a large influx of visitors in spite of the heavy downpour.

Tender : Fabrication of new telescope dome

Opening of Technical Bids is postponed; Dates for opening of Technical Bids and Financial Bids will be posted here soon

Summer Activities April-May 2008

Children of all age groups participated in various activities ; the program is still going on for college students!

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