JNP regularly publishes quarterly bulletin BASE Line and has also published several books, calendars and booklets. These are published in very limited quantity and sold through curios stall in our campus.

Base Line Books Others
Quarterly Bulletin No.13 of the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, Bangalore Association of Science Education.

  2018 - Calendar with information on Astronomical Events, Activities of JNP, Holidays of JNP etc. is available for sale at the Planetarium campus for Rs.110/-
Prof. S Balachandra Rao, Bhavan's Gandhi Centre of Science and Human Values, Bengaluru has released the pop-up book "Jantar Mantar - Observatories of Jai Singh (Bilingual in English & Kannada by Dr. B S Shylaja and Prof. V S S Sastry)" on 22.09.2015. This book is aimed at understanding the functioning of the Observatories established by Sawai Jai Singh almost 250 years ago. The necessary basics are explained using pop-up pages. Price:Rs.500/-.
"Available NEW magnetic stickers zodiacal constellations. Replica of the star patterns in the sky laced with excellent artworks of Chandranath Acharya." - Rs. 25/- each
Bangalore Association has published several books and booklets which are available in the kiosk 2016 – Calendar with information on Solar System is available for sale at the Planetarium campus for Rs.110/-
Bilingual books on eclipses and the moon   The postcard sundial is designed for Bangalore. Perforations are provided for creating a gnomon by folding along the dashed lines. The gnomon stands vertically supported by the wedge, also made available, by perforations. The gnomon should point to north precisely. The shadow reads the local time. One needs to add 19minutes to get the Indian standard time. (Rs 5/-) There is a provision to use it for latitudes up to 18 degrees. A vertical sundial is on display at the park. Here, instead of the conventional method of the shadow reading the time on the dial, the sunlight illuminates the dial through a slot. The north - south alignment was achieved by suspending two pendulums through the slot on the 24th April at noon, when the sun was exactly at the zenith.
Chintamani Ragoonatha Charry and Contemporary Indian Astronomy The Horsehead nebula is a very interesting nebulosity in the constellation of Orion. This magnificient photograph of David Malin is made available as a 56cm x 42cm poster. (Rs 20/-)
Solar System Aimed at the school children, this describes the characteristics of the solar system bodies as well as the physics of their motion and interiors. Illustrated well to explain the concepts (Rs 50/)
Transit of Venus The rare celestial event of a simple consequence of the relative motions of the earth and sun is described. The details of the motion of the planets, meanings of conjunction and future predictions are explained with tips on observing and using the event for student projects (Rs 30/-)
Eclipse The awe- inspiring phenomenon of total solar eclipse has offered a significant contribution to the development of our understanding of the sun. The book describes the development and modern experiments that are carried out during total solar eclipse. Other lesser known eclipses and eclipse like events and associated superstitions are also described (Rs 150/-)