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One of the primary objectives of BASE is to impart quality science education at all levels that identify and nurture creative talents in science students to enable them to pursue career in research and teaching. Educational programmes are conducted by non-formal methods aimed at students from class III to graduate level.

This is ensured by the SEED, SOW and REAP programmes.

Short duration courses are conducted during Summer vacation

Tiny Tots’ for classes III to V

BASE camp’ for classes VI to X

 ‘Computer-aided Learning’ for classes VIII to X

Summer Course’ for classes IX and X

One-day Workshops for High School students’

From Web of Life to Universe’ for College students


All  educational programmes become progressively more rigorous, focussed and structured, as it ought to be, since we address the lowest age group to the highest – forming an activity pyramid that culminates, as of now, with our REAP programmes.