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Science Park

Our science park, comprising interactive science exhibits including Jantar Mantar models, is extensively used by all the visitors – majority of those being students. We are glad to inform you of the new exhibits that further enhance the value of your visit to JNP.

A globe of the earth with continents shown on it attracts your immediate attention due to its large size. It shows the orientation for Bengaluru’s latitude. Several geographical / astronomical concepts can be demonstrated with this model.

Anti-gravity Cottage: It is a room wherein seemingly weird things happen at the cost of violating the force of gravity! The room can take about six persons at a time for best effects inside. Each group may need about five minutes inside the room to experience the weird!

Ames Room: Seen from outside, you perceive the height of a person inside the room change as he / she walks across it. It is both an amusement as well as a serious experiment in Perception!

A string of pictures pertaining to Illusions have been displayed around the Antigravity Cottage and Ames Room that demonstrate different aspects of visual Perception involving size, colour, motion and contours.