Lecture Videos - (Syllabus-based lectures for class10 students)

Nature of Light – Part 2

In this session, we discuss the kind of wave that light is. It is an elementary treatment of a very difficult concept. We have attempted to take you through the major ideas that are needed to understand this at a deeper level, later on. Demonstrations have been used at appropriate places to reinforce the theoretical ideas. This video is appropriate to students of class X and above.


Nature of Light - Part 1

This video is the first of the four parts concerning light. In this video, we discuss the nature of light – whether it is a wave or a particle – at a very elementary level. The objective is to provide students with the way scientists have thought models of Nature Light and how studying the behaviour light provides clues to think about such models.


Bases (Part 2):

This lecture-demonstration is a discussion about pH, construction of a pH scale and the significance of pH in the Living Systems. It is based on NCERT text for Class X of Karnataka State Education Board and CBSE. The discussion does not exactly limit to the syllabus.


Syllabus-based video for class X students :

Syllabus-based video for class X students: Lecture of Chemistry topic - Bases (Part – 1 and 2)


Syllabus-based video for class X students :

This is Planetarium's first video on a syllabus-based topic to help students of Class X. This is loosely based on NCERT text book. It covers most of the important concepts and some of them are discussed at a level slightly beyond the text book.